Olgas Building circa 1900
Olgas Building today
Nurses Quarters

Willow Court History

The Willow Court precinct, of which the motel is a part, is of significant historic interest, with the convict invalid hospital (now known as The Barricks) established in 1830. The site developed into Australia’s first mental institution, which operated for 170 years.

Willow Court has several heritage listed buildings of architectural importance, which contribute to the character of New Norfolk.

The Ladies Cottage, built in 1868, originally accommodated wealthy female patients and was more recently used to train nurses. It was originally a single-storey brick building with a verandah. A second storey was added in 1903.

The Olgas, built in 1886, is a gothic sandstone/brick building with a galvanised iron roof. It was converted into a female hospital in 1904. In 2005, it was partly renovated and today is an antique centre.

The Nurses Quarters was built in 1911, as a nurses' home but was later used to accommodate male staff. A two-storey red brick building with a corrugated iron roof, it has verandas with timber ballustrading on both levels. A second wing was added in 1928 which created a beautiful courtyard area which has two large oak trees.

There is also a small wooden chapel, circa 1900, which is unique in its design.